EHSCity is the world’s first comprehensive EHS service brand which was established in 2011.With more than 100,000 times of website visitor volume per week and over 60,000 member, EHSCity is becoming a world’s leading service platform for EHS solutions.
       Our Mission is Promoting the whole society's EHS Level with Total Solutions to all kinds of EHS risks and challenges. To fulfill the mission, we are dedicated to developing a platform that could provide EHS products and services of competitive prices and top quality. We believe the quality is the first priority in the process of cooperating with the EHS experts, as well as developing the suppliers, and selecting the partners. Meanwhile, we are facilitated by the experts with more than 20 years of experiences to perform quality process management on the products and the services. To implement our competitive prices, we concentrate on the a business model of no-store sales and online shops as well as scale operations, with "simplicity and dedication" as our development concept to optimize the business process, we are committed to supporting the enterprises to realize best EHS management with the minimum cost.
       EHSCity成立以來,品質改善是我們不斷努力的目標。目前EHSCity的合作專家、廠商和伙伴均是業界一流的,我們通過集百家之長,為企業提供最具專業的「平價且高品質」的EHS一站式服務,從而幫助企業用最少的投資實現最佳的 EHS管理。
       Since the foundation of EHSCity, we spared no efforts on quality improvement as our target. Both the experts we cooperated with and the suppliers and partners are all industry elites. By centralizing the advantages from all aspects, we can deliver "One-stop" professional EHS services with competitive prices and high quality products to support organizations to achieve best EHS management with minimum costs.
       EHSCity will constantly extend the product lines and improve user experiences in the future. We believe the most diverse products, the competitive prices and superb customer services will contribute to reducing EHS risks for more domestic and international enterprises and at the same time, increasing productivity.
  EHSCity Total Solution

From Strategy To Implementation EHS Integrated Service Supplier
1 Strategic Level
1.1 Strategic change consultation, strategic planning
1.2 Organizational guarantee(EHS Headhunting)
1.3 EHS Leadership Training
2 EHS Culture Level
2.1 EHS Culture Consulting
2.2 EHS experiencing Training Center(VR/Actual )
2.3 EHS Promoting Products(Safety Month)
3 Management and technology level
3.1 Consulting &Training
3.1.1 EHS Management System
3.1.2 Safety Leadership
3.1.3 Applied Ergonomics
3.1.4 Behavior Based Safety
3.1.5 Process Safety
3.1.6 Safety Culture
3.1.7 Environmental Mangement
3.1.8 Occupational Hygiene
3.1.9 EHS Visual
3.1.10 Laws & Regulations
3.1.11 Lockout, Tagout
3.1.12 incident investigation and root cause analysis
3.1.13 The Effective EHS Leaders
3.1.14 Maching Guarding
3.1.15 Safety management tools and methods
3.1.16 Defensive driving
3.1.17 Radiation health and safety
3.1.18 Electrical safety management
3.1.19 Chemical management
3.1.20 CSP Training
3.2 EHS Audit
3.2.1 EHS Compliance Audit
3.2.2 Special Audit(Process Safety、Electrial Safety)
3.3 Software
3.3.1 EHSCity Wechat System (BBS/E-learning/Test)
3.3.2 EHS Laws Database
3.3.3 EHSCity Bigdata Platform
4 Site Improving Level
4.1 Engineering Control
4.1.1 Ergonomics Improvement
4.1.2 Sound environment Control
4.1.3 VOCs Engineering
4.1.4 Industrial Ventilation
4.1.5 Damage Prevention
4.1.6 Outdoor Chemical Safety Storage
4.1.7 Waste water evaporator
4.1.8 Anti-slip Engineering
4.1.9 Dock Lock
4.2 EHS Products
4.2.1 Lockout, Tagout
4.2.2 EHS Visual
4.2.3 Instrumentation
4.2.4 Chemical Control
4.2.5 Safety Tools
4.2.6 First Aid
4.2.7 PPE
4.2.8 Traffic Safety
4.2.9 Clean Products
從戰略到實施 EHS綜合服務供應商
1 戰略層面
1.1 戰略變革咨詢,戰略規劃
1.2 組織保障(EHS高端人才獵尋)
1.3 高層EHS培訓
2 EHS文化層面
2.1 EHS文化
2.2 EHS體驗式培訓中心建設(實物或VR)
2.3 EHS宣傳用品(安全月宣傳用品)
3 管理與技術層面
3.1 EHSCity咨詢及培訓
3.1.1 EHS管理體系
3.1.2 安全領導力
3.1.3 人機工程學
3.1.4 行為安全
3.1.5 工藝安全
3.1.6 安全文化
3.1.7 環境管理
3.1.8 職業衛生管理
3.1.9 EHS目視化
3.1.10 法規標準
3.1.11 上鎖掛牌
3.1.12 事件調查及根源分析
3.1.13 卓有成效的EHS管理者
3.1.14 設備安全防護
3.1.15 安全管理工具與方法
3.1.16 防御性駕駛
3.1.17 輻射健康與安全
3.1.18 電氣安全管理
3.1.19 化學品管理
3.1.20 注安培訓
3.2 EHS審計
3.2.1 EHS法規符合性審計
3.2.2 專項審計(工藝安全、電氣安全等)
3.3 EHS軟件
3.3.1 EHS全員參與軟件(BBS/移動學習/考試等)
3.3.2 EHS法規標準庫
4 現場改善層面
4.1 工程控制
4.1.1 人機風險
4.1.2 聲環境治理(噪聲)
4.1.3 VOC治理
4.1.4 工業通風
4.1.5 防撞設施
4.1.6 室外化學品安全存儲
4.1.7 工業廢水蒸發剝離
4.1.8 地面防滑工程
4.1.9 Dock Lock
4.2 EHSCity工業品
4.2.1 上鎖掛牌
4.2.2 EHS目視化
4.2.3 儀器儀表
4.2.4 化學品管控
4.2.5 安全工具
4.2.6 醫療急救
4.2.7 勞保PPE
4.2.8 交通安全
4.2.9 清潔辦公平臺聚集了無限的EHS生態資源,滿足客戶的一站式EHS服務



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